Architects and Commercial Property Finders in Spain


MyArchitechSpain are a group of independent English speaking architects qualified and practising in Spain and meeting the architectural and planning needs of foreigners building here.

In Spain, all building works, residential or commercial, must be approved by various authorities and can only be submitted by an architect.  Anyone with the intention of building or renovating in Spain, could avoid expense and risk by understanding the system and working with us.

If you are thinking about building or improving property, or have bought or considering buying land in Spain, we are here to solve your problems, we have a strong track record and can help.


Thousands of people from the North of Europe buy land in Spain with the intention of building or renovating the property of their dreams.  Many come here expecting the planning laws to be similar to those back home, or ‘optional’ as they were decades ago; but they are not. Layers of local regional and national bureaucracies (up to 8 in some areas) carefully regulate where and what can be built or rebuilt.   

Our process is simple

My Architect Spain offer a customer experience aimed at meeting the needs and solving problems.  Each case is different and to help to understand the clients needs we offer a free consultation. We believe that clients should have a clear picture of what the Spanish law allows them to do, we offer good advice and some great material written in English to help you understand the process.  

We can start with a conversation or exchange of emails about what your intentions are and at which stage of the process you are, we can answer your questions and explain the process of Spanish law.  We can take what may be a difficult and complex process and make it simple and easy for you.  

Based on the initial information provided we give you our independent unbiased advice on how to proceed in accordance with the various laws and the cost that you can expect in building and fees. 

If you would like to start the process, it’s easy, fill out this form, or write to this address and we can arrange your free consultancy.


Commercial Property Finders

Spain is a great country to invest in, it is the world's 2nd top tourist destination, an advanced industrialised country has the weather to enjoy 5,000 kilometers of coastline and a rich rural landscape.  It is the holiday, residential tourism and retirement capital of Europe and the climate for investment in Spain has never been better. 

As a group of cooperating architects, we have extensive knowledge of commercial property across Spain.  Our extensive experience of finding and acquiring commercial properties can save our clients years of painful learning.  

Our network of inside property market contacts across Spain enables us to offer an unrivalled commercial property search to save time and money in finding opportunities to invest in hotels, residential and senior living


Finding the right investment is not easy, and involves a delicate balance of financial, legal and architectural factors that make the difference between a good and a bad investment.   

Normally an investor has a very clear idea of what they want to buy and so we offer a tailor made service to find the requirements to enable a search of the available options and preparing a short-list of the most suitable.  

We can analyze the short-listed property, arrange surveys and negotiate the best possible terms for your chosen commercial property acquisition.

Our commercial property finding service will save you time and money with access to a wider range of property to get the most suitable property available on the best available terms 

We do not act as estate agents and so offer a truly independent advice about potentially suitable properties and your existing property holdings.

Hotels are one of the best investments available, remember the monopoly board, 4 greens gets you a red, or 4 houses gets you a hotel.  Operators run them, they produce profits, go up in value, provide residence visas and the perfect vacation for owners. We have ‘off market’ Spanish hotel opportunities in cities, mountains, vineyards and coast.  

Residential developments can be a future proof investment and return a good profit.  The key to these is in the permissions and licenses that exist. As architects we specialise in these more than lawyers or estate agents.  If you have any doubt about your permissions call us.   

We believe in giving the best possible advice and getting the best available deals for all of our clients.

Contact us now for a free initial discussion about your commercial property requirements and how our commercial property finder service can help you.

Why Spain?

Spain is now living through its greatest time in history; for so many reasons it may be the best place in the world to live and work with the best climate and the gateway to Africa and the Americas.  


Spain is a better investment now than it has ever been, if you want the full story and have 20 minutes spare read in this report, if not the following are some of the highlights. 


Spain is the 2nd country worldwide in tourist revenues and the 1st in Europe. 

Spain is the 10th-most open country to Foreign Investment in OECD’s FDI Index

Spain has over 12,500 foreign companies all economic sectors. 

Spain, one of the fastest growing large advanced economies in 2017 & 2018

Spain set to be one of the fastest growing large advanced economies in 2019.

EU third busiest airports in 2019 with 194 million passengers.

EU largest and the world's 3rd largest high speed rail network. 

EU largest highway network

EU largest fiber optic network.

Lowest corporate income tax rate among the largest Eurozone economies: 25% 

EU 1st in ‘quality of life for ex-pats’.

EU 2nd highest average life expectancy at birth.

 3rd in the world in wine production 1st in terms of global wine exports. 

Spain is the world’s 14th-largest economy and the 5th-largest economy in the EU: 

GDP worth 1.4 trillion USD